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Figurative Sculptures Tribute to Human Emotion and Strength

Jordi Díez Fernández creates magnificent figurative sculptures out of steel. His growing collection of shiny metalwork includes various detailed depictions of the human form that brilliantly capture the essence of each subject.

In 2016, the artist made a sculptural tribute to his wife Celia and his latest work continues to celebrate the people he admires, using cold metal to convey warm human emotions.

One piece, titled Sculptural Tribute to Carlos Martinez & Jos Galán, commemorates the two late Spanish architects. Pointing into the distance, the two figures appear to be excitedly discussing design plans. In another piece, Goddess Sedente, Fernández sculpted the form of a pregnant woman sitting on a steel plinth. As the artist reveals, this piece “represents the most profound secret of all, unattainable by reason: the fertile feminine principle and the maternity arising from its creative impulse.”

A third piece, Profundity, expresses a couple in love. Fernández explains, “The woman plunges into the depths of man’s nature and rescues him through an act of love, a kiss.” Other sculptures depict the power and strength of the human body, such as the muscular frame of a torso, a female tennis player mid-serve, and a blindfolded bowman, with muscular steel arms, ready to fire off an arrow.

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